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What To Do For A Stomach Virus For Toddler

"Some viruses that cause stomach flu, such as Norovirus, can actually survive hand sanitizer, so it is best to wash with soap and water. Also wash bedding, towels, and other things that children are using while they are sick." And be sure to wash any surfaces that your child comes into contact with while they're sick. You can safely feed the following food items to your toddler with stomach flu: Bananas can help control loose stools and are often recommended for children with stomach flu. Mash the banana and give small bites whenever your little one feels hungry. Apples are also light on the stomach and ensure your baby gets nutrition.

Encourage your child to sit in a bath for a bit and then heat up a heat pack for them. Heat can really be a great, simple, and easy stomach bug remedy for your child that will actually be quite soothing. While they are resting,.

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